BestPhotos 1.4
  • Now you can easily swipe images to mark them to delete or favorite.
  • If you purchase "The Best Features", you can also use a dark mode theme, and select an alternate icon.
Eric Welander
The Best Photo App 1.3
  • New customizable controls make it even easier to quickly delete or favorite a photo
  • Make a decision on a photo, and get auto advanced to the next one
  • Improved UI for finding duplicate photos
  • Improved quality of shared photos
  • A variety of smaller bug fixes
Eric Welander
The Best Photo App 1.2

In this update, I rethought some of the design decisions of the app, in order to focus more on the core purpose of cleaning up your photo library. Features like editing, cropping, and changing location are simply accessories that are there for convenience. They are not going away, but it confuses many if they are front and center. A separate app, specifically for editing, or specifically for modifying metadata would better serve the more power user versions of those needs.

This release has the largest number of changes since the initial app launch, including:

  • Duplicates Smart Search - comb your library for duplicate photos
  • Design changes - the UI is more focused, and includes a semibold new look
  • Lots of small improvements
  • Some bug fixes
Eric Welander
The Best Photo App 1.1

Less than two weeks after the initial launch, I’m excited to announce the first major update to The Best Photo App. The response to the initial launch was wonderful! I’ve received a lot of positive feedback, along with many great feature requests, and some bugs.

In this release:

  • HDR smart search - Apple's HDR feature can make fantastic images in high contrast situations, but it also saves the non-HDR version to your photo library. It’s great to have the options, and this smart search makes it easy to go through and pick the best for each.
  • iOS Widget - Focus on the past 6 months, right in your notification center. Get a quick breakdown of how many photos, live photos, and videos you’ve captured. Easily keep an eye on problem percentages, and resolve issues right away.
  • 3D Touch quick actions - Quickly jump to your latest photo, a specific year, or a smart search in the 3D touch quick action menu on supported devices
  • Choose satellite or standard maps when setting the location of photos
  • Fixed a variety of bugs, including an issue where assigning location to photos would not immediately remove them from a “Missing Location” smart search.
Eric Welander
The Best Photo App 1.0.1

Yesterday I received reports that certain users were frequently being prompted to rate the app. For the geeks out there, I’m using Apple's new rating API built into iOS 10.3( . The excessive prompting was due to a bug in my code. I never intend to pester anyone for ratings or reviews.

1.0.1 limits to only one potential request for a rating per device. More advanced logic will be added here later.

I also fixed a bug where albums in the "Add To" screen were not sorted alphabetically, making it harder to tap on the right one. You can learn more about adding photos to albums in my tip today on Instagram( . Apple’s new Clips app( makes these videos super easy to produce…more on that another time.

Eric Welander