BestPhotos 2.1.4

BestPhotos 2.1.4 went live this morning on the App Store for all users. This update includes bug fixes and small improvements.

  • I redid the way that photos and videos load from your library, which should improve reliability and performance, as well as lay the foundation for future updates with more features.

  • When you swipe to mark a photo to be deleted, if the auto-advance setting is on, it will automatically advance to the next photo when you let go. This used to only happen if you tapped the button.

  • When looking at photos, you can now see if the original is a JPG or HEIC from a badge in the top left corner, similar to how RAW and RAW+JPG was already handled.

  • I moved away from Google Firebase to Amplitude and Bugsnag for reporting analytics and crashes respectively. You can always change your preference for sharing this in the app settings screen, and read more in the BestPhotos Privacy Policy.

I should note that this update will probably be the last one to support iOS 12. I have some exciting ideas in mind to take advantage of new iOS and iPadOS features, and as a single developer company, I can only do so much at once.

Eric Welander
BestPhotos 2.1.2

BestPhotos 2.1.2 is now live with a few small changes:

  • Fixed a bug where changing location on a RAW photo would do so by also rendering a JPEG preview.
  • Removed support for photos synced using iTunes…This was a tough decision, but it will make upcoming features more feasible
  • Moving anonymous analytics and crash reporting to Google Analytics and Google Firebase Crashlytics. As of BestPhotos’ previous 2.1 update, users must opt into or out of this sharing. For more information, visit the BestPhotos privacy policy.
Eric Welander
BestPhotos on ScreenCastsOnline

This week, it’s an honor to have BestPhotos featured in a ScreenCastsOnline tutorial by Mike Schmitz on cleaning up your Photos library. ScreenCastsOnline is a membership site with polished tutorials on the latest apps for iOS, macOS, and more.

You can see a preview of the video here, with the option to sign up for a membership to see the whole video and more tutorials from ScreenCastsOnline. 

Looking to clean up your photo library? Download BestPhotos today and get started. 

Eric Welander
BestPhotos 2.1

This update is all about albums and folders! You can now:

  • Add albums or folders
  • Rename albums or folders
  • Move albums or folders between folders
  • New smart search for finding photos or videos that aren’t in albums
  • Drag and drop albums into folders for easy arrangement on iPad
  • Drag and drop photos and videos into albums on iPad

Along with Albums and Folders, this update also adds:

  • Support for new iPads, not only in screen sizes, but also for their screen recordings in the iOS Screen Recordings smart search
  • Smart search sections are now collapsible
  • Better metadata icons, including identification of bursts, RAW, and RAW+JPEG photos
  • A setting for HDR and Portrait Mode smart searches to optionally require the presence of a “normal” copy photo to show up in the search
  • Bug fixes for loading videos in certain situations
  • Updated option to share new analytics, diagnostics, and crash reporting
  • Some other, smaller bug fixes
Eric Welander
BestPhotos The Best Features Black Friday Sale

Today only (Friday 11/23), upgrading to The Best Features in BestPhotos is discounted from $2.99 to $1.99 and equivalent prices around the world.

Highlights of The Best Features include:

  • Compare mode to see two photos or videos side by side
  • Smart searches to highlight all kinds of potential problem areas in cleaning up your library, like duplicate or similar photos
  • Inspect photo EXIF and other metadata
  • Change photo location
  • And more! 

This is the first time BestPhotos has ever had anything discounted in over a year and a half on the App Store. With apps like Luma Fushion and Affinity Photo taking the iPad by storm, organizing and managing your iOS photo library is more important than ever before.

Eric Welander
BestPhotos 2.0.4

This is a quick and small update that includes a variety of bug fixes related to:

  • Rotating photos
  • Changing photo location
  • Searching for iOS screen recordings

If you're enjoying BestPhotos, please don't forget to leave a review on the App Store

Eric Welander
BestPhotos 2.0.3

This update changes HDR and Portrait smart searches to also show individual photos that are HDR or Portrait Mode but don’t have a “normal” companion copy.

This update fixes a variety of bugs, including:

  • Compare mode would not synchronize scrolling and zooming across photos
  • Location editing was disabled from the photo metadata view
  • Tapping was disabled on certain rows in the app settings screen where it is required
  • Issues comparing videos

Comparing videos is actually a pretty fun feature. You can play both videos side by side and see which makes the most sense to share.

Eric Welander
BestPhotos 2.0.2
  • Fixes a bug where certain sharing and download actions could unintentionally use cellular data.
  • Gives you a toggle for using cellular data for in-app media downloads like full resolution photos to share.

Personally, I would recommend that most users keep this new switch in Settings turned off. - Eric

Eric Welander