What You Should Know Before Purchasing mSpy?


Reliable Company

Not like other spy applications on the market, mSpy has a great company, MTechnology, which is located on US and UK.

Customer Care Support

There are 3 level customer supports that you can get. First is basic support through email and live chat. On this level, you won’t be charged for any support fee because it is free.

mSpy also has the second level support service which is a premium support through phone with 12.99 USD fee (one time payment) that can assist you to do the installation or solve the problem when you run the program. The third level is by doing remote assistant. You can do installation, jailbreaking, or rooting through massistance service that is charged for 53.99 USD.

mSpy Installation Support

The mSpy installation is very easy to understand and follow, so you didn’t have to purchase the premium support because the difference between them is only on the call and live chat feature. With basic support, it’s already enough for you. Only if you want to jailbreak or root your device and you can’t do that for yourself, mAssistant is the right choice for you.

You can also use third party service if you think the mAssistant service is too high for you. You can use rootandroid service ($40) to root your device or appleaunlock ($20) to jailbreak your iOs device, but still, I recommend you to choose mAssistant because they cannot only root or jailbreak your device, but also help you to install mspy remotely.

MoneyBack Guarantee

mSpy offers a 10 days money back guarantee if this program really cannot work properly as you want. You can contact the support and ask them the refund on 10 days period.


Some frequenlty ask questions of mSpy App

1. Must I have access on target phone physically?

Of course, you must install mspy on the device that you need to monitor, except the target phone is an iOS device which has an active icloud backup. And of course you also must have the login detail of icloud device on your target phone.

2. Can this application be detected by the user?

If you choose “I’d like to keep the icon” option when installing mspy, then the mspy icon can bee seen on the targeted phone. But if you do not choose this option, then the icon won’t appear on the device.

3. Does mSpy work in all location around the world?

The answer is yes. This program can work in all location and is compatible with all internet provider as long as your device is connected to the internet.

4. I want to do Rooting/Jailbreaking on the device to do the advanced monitoring. How does it work?

You can do jailbreaking or rooting yourself or using third party. But if you want to get a great service and more professional, you can do it by purchasing the additional service called mAssistance.

5. Can Jailbreaking/Rooting damage the guarantee ?

Jailbreaking or rooting of course can break the guarantee on your device. But it can be canceled by updating the iOS or doing the reset factory setting on device, so your device will get the guarantee back.


You should look at purchasing the mSpy app as an investment in the safety of you and your family. The mSpy app is not a regular spying application, but more of a program that protects lives. You certainly shouldn’t feel bad about using it as benefits of it are huge. In fact, this app can sometimes mean the difference between life and death, success and failure! So, if you have kids and/or growing business, you shouldn’t think twice about getting this app!

Benjamin Franklin famously said that those who give up liberty for security deserve neither! By using the mSpy app, you are not disrupting anyone’s liberty for a simple fact – they don’t know that you’re using it. This allows everyone to stay carefree, while adding a lot to their protection.

If you decide to use mSpy on your children’s smartphone, you shouldn’t look at it as an attack on their privacy, but as adding a layer of protection. When it comes to using mSpy in business purposes, you shouldn’t feel bad about spying your employees as your company is at stake! If they’re doing something that can harm your business, you have every right, but legal and moral, to keep track of their phone activity.

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