mSpy: Frequently Asked Questions


What is Mspy?

Mspy is one of the kinds of mobile monitoring software which is getting more popular since it is used by many people in this recent time. This software is a mobile application that empowers you with advanced monitoring and data collection features for smartphone and other mobile devices. This software may able to monitor any activities on your children’s or employees’ phone such as phone calls and messages. This software also able to log and record any data such as calendar events and notes and allows you to access them although they have been being deleted. In addition, this software also offers you GPS tracking feature.

How does Mspy work?

When you have installed Mspy software on your mobile device or mobile phone that you are targeting to monitor, you can access all of this software’s features and data remotely from any computer or smartphone web browser. You never need physical access to the child/employee phone again. You only need to log on your account’s online control panel then you can adjust settings, download any datafrom the mspy-enable mobile device and display real- time device location and route of travel history on the map

What are the differences of Mspy from other similar apps?

Although there are some mobile monitoring software that you can choose to be applied in this modern time, Mspy is still be chosen as your best choice in mobile monitoring software since there are some great things that make this app different from other mobile monitoring apps such as:

  • Accessibility: access phone activity and data 24/7 from anywhere with the web- based control panel with Mspy App
  • Value: this software offers you great value for money since you do not need to pay much money for monthly fee of this app.
  • Power: this app becomes one of the most fully featured mobile monitoring applications to meet your needs.
  • Simplicity: another thing which you may need in using a sophisticated thing is simplicity. That is why this software is easy to use and provide you the ideal solution

Why would I use Mspy?

In this recent time technology becomes something which needed more by people to make their job feels easier. Among all of the kinds of technologies, communication becomes one of the most advanced technologies since it notes the fastest growth. Mobile phone becomes one of the most popular products of communication technology that can be used by you for making ease your communication. In doing communication through mobile phone sometime we can find that some people abuse the use of mobile phone. Therefore, it is important for you to avoid the effect of the abuse of using cellphone through monitoring the activities of your kids or your employees. Monitoring you kid’s mobile phone activity can be very helpful to avoid them in ay kinds of bad things. On the other hand, by monitoring your employees’ activities on their mobile phone, it is possible for you to improve their productivity in working. Thus you may need Mspy as the partner of your monitoring activities then.

How do I get started?

As what has explained before that this mobile monitoring software becomes one of the kinds of apps which is very easy to use and get started. The first thing that you have to do before able in using this app is by purchasing the subscription plan. By paying around $1.33 for a day, you will immediately receive an e-mail with the password to your personal control panel. Some steps that you have to do after purchasing the subscriptions are:

  1. Log in to control panel using email address and password in your welcoming e-mail.
  2. Add your kid’s or employee’s phone to monitoring using our instruction wizard in your control panel. You can also change the pre- generated password to one of your choice there.
  3. Wait for a few minutes for Mspy to begin receiving data from the kid’s or employee’s device. Once the first logs appears in your control panel, you are ready for accessing all phone activities 24/7 and in real-time through your secure account.

Where is my welcome e-mail?

The welcome e-mail is delivered immediately upon successful completion of purchase. Due to delay in payment processing, it may take up to 4 hours to receive the e-mail. Make sure to check your junk mail or spam folder in case of your mail client inadvertently flags the unrecognized e-mail as spam

What phones can I use with my phone?

Besides it is easy to use and get started, Mspy also becomes one of the kinds of mobile monitoring software which is applicable in any kinds of mobile platforms. This mobile application can run well in iOS and Android. Therefore, this software is able to be applied in some mobile phone brands such as Apple, Sony, Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, Philips, Huawei, ZTE, and Google. Please note that you need to install this software only on device that you wish to monitor. You can access your account of this software from any device with a web browser. If you are getting doubt, you can visit on our check list of supported models. And if your phone is not listed, please check back later or contact Mspy developer.

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