How to Install mSpy on Android Device


The step of correctly utilising mSpy to monitor on an Android device could be time – consuming process and complicated. If you’re having difficulty trying to install mSpy on your Android device, keep reading to find out about how to install mSpy on your Android smartphone. We have attempted to make easy and sum up the stages as quickly and efficiently as necessary in this tutorial.

Before Installing mSpy on Android

First and foremost, I wish you had already done a little research on the mSpy program and understand the process and why it is still one my preferred spy apps. Take a close look at my in-depth report for a hint.

When you begin the installation, you should double-check the following items:

  • You must have access to the target mobile device.
  • Unlocking the phone is required.
  • You must have access to the internet.
  • Turn off any anti virus software or firewall software (during installation)
  • Rooting Android is required for certain advanced surveillance features.
  • Rooting and root access are only available for Android mobile devices. It is not required for the app to function, however some features do. To spy messenger apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, or Instagram, for instance, you must root the Android phone.

Enable Unknown Sources – this option is only available for earlier versions of the Android os. This is found in the Android phone’s app settings and therefore must be enabled if you want to install software that aren’t available in the Google Play store.

Go over to settings > security > unknown sources and check the box.

Deactivate Play Protect – For the most recent Android versions, the unidentified sources option has been substituted to Disable Play Protect.

Navigate to the Google Play store and select the menu option. Scroll and choose Play Protect, followed by configurations in the upper right corner of the window. Disable – perform a security threat scan on the device. Completed!

This essentially needs to be installed any app, similar to the old unverified sources. You are now prepared to install the mSpy app.

Installing mSpy on an Android Device

In your web browser, type in the download address. Enter the ‘captcha’ letters and click the download button, which will only take just few secs. Then, operate the “apk” file to begin the setup process.

To start installation, double-click the downloaded apk file. You would then be presented with a list of specifications to which you must simply agree by pressing Next. Then you must press

During this point, the device may display a warning that says, ‘Do Not Install This App.’ You must tick the “ and then click Install Anyway.

When the installation is finished, press Open to launch the mSpy app. The license agreement will appear after you click Continue. Accept by clicking the Accept button.

Turn on the Update Service. There is now a check box to show or hide the mSpy icon to gain control of the device. Obviously, if you would like the software to be hidden from view, choose hide!

Fill your mSpy registration number from the welcome email and then click “Complete Installation.”

For the Very first Time, Login to mSpy

You should also have access to your web control center via the following link:

Once you return here immediately after configuration, you would be asked to enter phone information like phone number,name, make and model.

That’s it! mSpy is now installed and fully prepared to monitor! T he first reports on monitoring can take a little time to arrive – usually in 30 minutes.

How Long Does mSpy Take to Install?

This is a frequently asked question. I’ve installed the app multiple times and I was very familiar with the system. So I was able to install mSpy on android device in about 6-8 mins with no problems.

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