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Flexispy is an application which can be useful for anybody. There are more than 3.5 billion mobile users worldwide and in the near future, this number is expected to increase further. No wonder because there are so many things about modern smartphones. You maintain relationships between people. But it’s not all perfect. The fact is, some people have no good intentions. The good news is that with Flexispy, you and your family can easily protect yourself and yourself.

What is Flexispy Application?

To ensure that no harm is done to you, your family or your business, this program allows you to keep track of all your phone conversations. The flexispy program can be used to monitor calls, text messages, emails, and web activity. The GPS location of your selected smartphone can also be tracked by the app. Its best feature is how simple it is to use. The flexispy program runs silently after installation, never letting anyone know it’s there.

This program stands out from the competition because it is affordable, allowing you to protect you and your family even further. You can use it for a variety of purposes, such as protecting your children from negative influences. Without getting into pointless arguments, you can listen to their chats if you’re worried that your child is in danger. They won’t even notice that a program is running on their phone, allowing them to stay free while remaining protected.

The same goes for your staff. Install flexispy software on company phones if you think someone might be leaking personal information about your company. If there are any perpetrators at all, you will be able to identify them this way. Purchasing the Flexispy app sounds like a smart investment, both for the safety of your family and business.


Call Monitoring

Most of the clients choose to get the Flexispy app mainly for monitoring phone calls. Once the software is loaded on the smartphone, it will be able to provide you with information about all calls made using that device, including costs and results. The exact time when a telephone conversation was made or received will be visible to you. Not only that, this software will also tell you how long the call took in real time. In addition, you can use the software to view the exact number of phone calls made over a certain period of time and, if the caller’s name is stored in the smartphone’s address book, the identity of the caller. Apart from using Flexispy to listen to calls, you can also use it to block calls from certain phone numbers.

Blocking Calls

By marking the phone numbers you want to block with this feature, you can prevent cell phone users from receiving calls that come from any of the numbers on your blocked numbers list. Parents who don’t want their children to interact with certain people or potentially dangerous strangers will find this function quite helpful.

SMS Tracking

The best weapon you’ll ever have is an app to monitor communications. You can view the SMS chats sent and received on your smartphone and save them on your device using the app. The sender’s or recipient’s phone number, and the exact time the SMS was sent, will be displayed. You can also view the name of the sender or recipient if the contact information is saved on the device.

GPS Monitoring

GPS tracking is another fantastic feature of the program. This application will give you real-time access to the exact location of the smartphone. This implies that you can use this ability to check if a smartphone user is where they want to be. For example, if an employee arrives late, you can use mSpy to determine if they actually left for work or are still in bed. However, most of the people find that tracking the whereabouts of their children is the function they value the most. You can find out where your child is if they are not at school.

GEO Fence

If you need to make sure your child stays away from a certain area, Geo Fencing can be a useful tool. You can determine a specific location with this feature, and the smartphone will notify you if it detects it. This is especially helpful if you have reason to believe that an employee gave a trade secret to a competitor; simply designating their office as a restricted area.

Monitor Instant Messaging Program

Instant chat apps are very popular these days. For sending short communications, programs such as Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and others are very useful. Some, like Snapchat, for example, offer the ability to delete messages after a certain time. Therefore they are very harmful to your children and very beneficial to individuals with bad intentions. Fortunately, Flexipy is available to you. Even if the message is deleted from the smartphone, it can still be used to keep everything. You will know for sure if your child is at risk of engaging in risky behavior this way.

Track Internet Usage

To monitor smartphone internet usage, use Flexispy. You can see Wi-Fi networks, smartphone users’ bookmarks, and of course the URLs of websites they have visited. In addition, you can block certain websites on the smartphone using the Flexispy application and set alerts for certain phrases. You will be notified whenever a certain word is mentioned. The only thing left to do is choose keywords. It usually contains X rank language, but many business owners also use the name of a direct competitor.

Control installed applications and multimedia files

You can view multimedia files, including all smartphone photos and videos, using the Flexispy application. This capability is quite helpful for business owners who are concerned that their staff members might be taking pictures of sensitive company information. In addition, some parents may use this option if they are concerned that their children may be involved in something inappropriate.

In addition, you can manage the applications installed on your smartphone using Flexispy. Apart from allowing you to browse all the programs loaded on your smartphone, this app also lets you ban or remove them. You can use this program to block access if you believe your child has installed an inappropriate application on his smartphone.

Key logger

When your kids use the website, you can use this tool to find out what type of users are targeted, including phone numbers, messages, emails, and even login information. With login information, for example, you can monitor your child’s Facebook account. Usually, you can keep an eye on their conversations and chats on their timeline, but if you have their login information you will have more access to their Facebook activity.

License Packages

1 Month Premium 3 Months Premium 12 Months Premium
$48.99 $27.99 $11.66
All features included All features included All features included

How Flexispy App Works?

How do I set up and monitor the device?

The next step is to set up the software once you decide to purchase one of the Flexispy packages. This is quite easy to do. After making a purchase, you will need to create a profile on the flexispy website, which you will then use to monitor smartphone activity. The only thing that might be a challenge is getting the smartphone into your hands. After that, the procedure is very simple. You have to install mSpy first on your smartphone once you have it. The installation process of this app is quite easy and fast, which is a nice feature.

Installation Process

Enter the email where you want to get the download details and go there via smartphone. The installation process will guide you through the setup wizard once you have access to the email containing the installer. Actually, the installation will start in seconds. There will be no sign of the Flexispy software on the smartphone after the quick process is complete. On their website, you can access your flexispy control panel to see how it works. Just log in to your account and select the features you want to watch. mSpy is always available to you because you can access it from computers and mobile devices.

Monitor mobile devices without jailbreak

Apart from having many useful functions, flexispy is one of the most widely used spy programs because it works with almost all smartphones. Whether the target phone is an Android or iOS device, flexispy can still track it! This app does not require jailbreaking, unlike other spy apps. No further software is required to install it on iPhone or iPad.

FlexiSpy Compatibility

Right now, Flexispy is compatible with all popular devices from iOS to Android operating system.

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